Love's War

Another pink layout. I found this PNG of Princess Sakura on Snow Drops and envisioned something bright. This is what I came up with - and I love it. I played around with some PSP effects for the header and took inspiration from ARWs current layout for the headlines / seperation lines. I hope anyone likes it. ♥
As always can the title on the header be changed. To do so check out the comments in the index.html file between "< ! - - -" and "- - - >". These comments will also show you where to insert your content and navigation links. To create more pages for your website copy the index file and link the new files in the navigation.


Here are some demonstrations of the text effects:

bold text
italic text
underlined text


Layout & Textures by A Random Website
PNG by Snow Drops
Font "Parisienne" by Google Fonts
Pattern by PhotoFiltre
Artwork by Arina Tanemura
(Do not remove this credits!)