to this random website on the world wide web which is getting filled with free to use graphics.

The rules here are simple:
- if you don't like me or this website, leave and keep your thoughts to yourself
- if you take something please link my website as source and don't change it or claim it as your own creation

Thank you.

25th November 2023
New layout, anniversary graphic and graphic update.
30th September 2023
Some of the mails that I sent this year were not going out. Please send me another mail if you are still waiting for a reply on something.
4th July 2023
Fixed the update comment box.
27th June 2023
Removed dead affiliate links and added new affiliate Vizune.
25th June 2023
Changed the design of the enter page.
14th June 2023
Updated some texts and moved the anniversary graphic to the "about" page.


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