Hello everyone!
I'm finally back with the promised update! First of all hows everyone doing? I still have some problems with recovering from my surgery. I had a check up this week and it seems I'm not really healing yet. I got prescribed something and was told to wait another month so fingers crossed I'm starting to heal soon. But besides that and a little pain I'm doing well. In my freetime during the past week I mainly focused on finishing the update for ARW. Soo, what did I bring today?
As you can see ARW has a new layout! Tbh I wanted to trash it at first because I felt like it was too plain compared to the last layouts. But after coding it I really started to liked it. I wanted to create something timeless again and I think in some way you can call flowers timeless but it has some valentine's day vibes. I saw the png of that girl on pngwing and really wanted to use it. Does anyone know if she is from a specific anime?
Although not much has happened here in the past year we are also celebrating ARWs 3rd birthday with a new anniversary graphic on the intro page. I'm also happy that I finally managed to finish the ocean pixel set. My favourites are the dolphin and the orca. I didn't think they would turn out half as decent.

Here's an overview of all updates:
- 3 Icon textures
- 1 Free layout
- 10 Images
- 1 Texture
- Finished ocean theme pixel set (7 items)
- Updated some pages
- New anniversary graphic
- New layout

I hope everyone likes the new updates. I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Saturday, 25th November 2023 comment?

Hello everyone,
here I am again without a graphic update yet. I have recently been to the hospital and unexpectedly had to undergo surgery. Nothing serious but it had to be done. I have been working on an update since my last post but due to the surgery and recovery process I didn't manage to finish it yet. I'm slowly getting back at it and going to upload everything as soon as possible.

I also just discovered that some of the mails that I sent from my windows 11 mail client instead of my mail providers client this year were not going out. Please don't hesitate to send me another mail if you are still waiting for a reply on something!

See you soon and have a nice weekend everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Saturday, 30th September 2023 comment?

Hello everyone!
I'm finally writing an update post again after a very long time! I haven't felt like working on graphics in the past months because my cat was very sick and I was very stressed out. If you would like to know more you can check out my blog. I'm trying to get back to working on my websites now that my cat is feeling better and there is less going on.
My first update is a new summery design for the enter page. It was about time to remove the halloween design. The hibiscus PNG from pixabay inspired me to this yellow design and I love the colour combination!
I also added a little short-update box to the intro page so it's easer to determine wether the site is dead or not. I will post some smaller updates there or when it's not enough for a whole update post.
As for graphic updates I'm still working on one, it might take a while longer until I have enough ready though. I would like to continue with the ocean pixel set and also add more pictures to the images section. But who knows what other inspirations for graphics I might find.

Until then, have a nice week everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Tuesday, 4th July 2023 comment?

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