Hello everyone,
here I am again without a graphic update yet. I have recently been to the hospital and unexpectedly had to undergo surgery. Nothing serious but it had to be done. I have been working on an update since my last post but due to the surgery and recovery process I didn't manage to finish it yet. I'm slowly getting back at it and going to upload everything as soon as possible.

I also just discovered that some of the mails that I sent from my windows 11 mail client instead of my mail providers client this year were not going out. Please don't hesitate to send me another mail if you are still waiting for a reply on something!

See you soon and have a nice weekend everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Saturday, 30th September 2023 comment?

Hello everyone!
I'm finally writing an update post again after a very long time! I haven't felt like working on graphics in the past months because my cat was very sick and I was very stressed out. If you would like to know more you can check out my blog. I'm trying to get back to working on my websites now that my cat is feeling better and there is less going on.
My first update is a new summery design for the enter page. It was about time to remove the halloween design. The hibiscus PNG from pixabay inspired me to this yellow design and I love the colour combination!
I also added a little short-update box to the intro page so it's easer to determine wether the site is dead or not. I will post some smaller updates there or when it's not enough for a whole update post.
As for graphic updates I'm still working on one, it might take a while longer until I have enough ready though. I would like to continue with the ocean pixel set and also add more pictures to the images section. But who knows what other inspirations for graphics I might find.

Until then, have a nice week everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Tuesday, 4th July 2023 comment?

Hello hello!
Finally a sign of life from me! I have been a little busy this summer with conventions, happened to get addicted to a certain game (*cough* Genshin *cough*) and I'm still recovering from Covid, so I have been completely inactive on my website accounts. Sorry about that. But! I'm back with an update today.

Here's what's new:
- New enter page design
- New anniversary graphic on the intro page
- Updated the about page
- 4 Images
- 4 Textures
- 1 Icon texture

I didn't manage to record a new video for the enter page since I'm still a little sick, so it's just a picture of my 3d model for now. I might take a new video when I have fully recovered and my voice isn't as raspy anymore.

I hope someone likes the new stuff and wish you a sunny autumn weekend!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Friday, 21st October 2022 comment?

Hello everyone!
So I'm actually writing this update post for the second time already. The first time I intented to upload was last weekend, but I was not satisfied with the amount of new content that I had yet. Somehow I'm still not satisfied, but if I keep pushing it away I will never upload anything.
First of all: ARW has a new layout. I don't want to call it a summer layout, but it kind of is one. Somehow I thought this layout would be a nightmare to code but it was one of the easiest codings ever. Seems I finally got the hang of table layouts. I didn't like the header at first but after some changes and now that the full layout is done I'm in love with it. The text on it is kinda oversized but it adds to it somehow.

Here's what else is new:
- 1 Icon
- 8 Icon textures
- 1 Cursor (2 items)
- Started ocean themed pixel set (3 items)
- 1 Layout

I especially had fun making icon textures this time and tried them out on a new icon and a new update-icon for me right away to make sure they work for some nice effects.
Sadly I had to remove another affiliate site which doesn't exist anymore. My affiliates are dying out. The site world has been a little on the quiet side lately. Let's hope for better days!

Have a nice week everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Sunday, 22nd May 2022 comment?

Hi and happy belated easter!
I'm a week to late but I brought a little easter update. As you surely noticed I have added an enter page. I have been thinking about one for a while and finally made it. It's simple but I like it. Be easy on me about the welcome video. It was my first attempt on making a video after what feels like 15 years or so and I'm not familiar with the editing program yet either. (Btw the video lags in chrome browser and I can't figure out why. In firefox it's fine. Let me know if you have any idea why and how to fix that. ^^;) I also really wanted to try being a vtuber. I have been watching streams on Reality app, that's where the avatar / 3D model is from. I'm way to shy to do streams there but I want to try making some recorded videos.

Here's an overwiew of what else was done:
- Listings and the exchange have been moved to the enter page
- Finished the flower pixel set (+3 items)
- Added 2 cursors (4 items)
- Updated the about page
- Did some background work
- Removed affiliate sites which sadly do not exist anymore

If you wondered about the christmas/winter layout which is still on here: it will stay a little while longer. I really like the colors and the navigation and would like to focus on creating new graphics instead of pushing out a new layout every season. (Lets pretend the snow flakes on the header are flowers. ) I have a new pixel set in mind that I will work on next. Since I haven't been doing well lately and need to keep myself busy you can expect updates more frequently again from now on.

Have a nice week everyone!

Kind regards, Ran
posted on Sunday, 24th April 2022 comment?

Hello everyone! Belated happy new year!
I just wanted to leave a sign of life here. I recently haven't been in the mood to make graphics or take photos. I absolutely don't plan to close this site but it might be quiet here for a little while longer until I'm motivated again.

Until then take care everyone!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Monday, 14th March 2022 comment?

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