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Jupiter planet power make up!
Or simply "hi everyone"! ARW has a new layout since autumn is around the corner (one of my favourite seasons). The anime Sailor Moon never seems to get old, so I went for that theme this time. I decided to go for Sailor Jupiter / Makoto for this layout because I think she doesn't get enough love. It's always Sailor Moon / Usagi and some other senshis who usually get the spotlight. I think Sailor Jupiter gets kinda lost because her color sceme is a little more on the natural side. I love her though.
Another important part about this layout is that it's a centered div. After some headaches and a lot of research I finally figured out how to code such a layout (I'm still a coding noob). The coding took me so long that it feels like this layout consists of 99% code and 1% graphical work.

Besides the new layout I also got some other new additions:

- 1 Sailor Moon pixel set (14 items)
- 1 Flower pixel set (5 items)

The flower pixels are just some pieces that I used for my previous layouts on ARW. I didn't want to let them rot on my harddrive so I thought I'll upload them here instead.

That's everything for today. I hope you like the new stuff and wish you all a magical weekend!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Saturday, 5th September 2021 comment?

Hi everyone,
I have another update for you today.

- 2 Layouts
- 2 Icons

The newest additions are at the bottom of each page as always. A while ago I also updated some texts on the site and joined the Lost Souls Exchange. The update might not seem much but I needed a really long time to create these graphics due to my perfectionism and work holding me back. Especially layouts take me a really long time to make. I hope someone likes them.
Besides that I have received both of my vaccinations now. I'm currently recovering from the second shot. The first one caused some pain in my arm and also made me feel a little sick but that already got better by the next day. After the second one I had the same side effects, they just started later and lasted longer. Many people that I know had a fever after the second shot. Luckily I didn't have that. What side effects did you have?

I hope you all have a great day!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Sunday, 15th August 2021 comment?

Hey everyone,
how you been? I have a little update for you today!

- 1 Layout (at the bottom of the page)
- 3 Images (on the last site)
- 4 Textures (at the bottom of the page)

I also have good news: I will receive my COVID vaccination on saturday. I will keep you updated wether I have any side effects or not.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Thursday, 15th July 2021 comment?

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