Hi everyone!
Been a while since the last update. Work has been merciless the past weeks. At some point we worked so much over time that you could almost count it as double shifts. Whenever I had a minute I worked on a new layout and some graphics for ARW and here I am with the finished layout and graphics! I really liked the previous layout and would have loved to keep it a little while longer but we can't deny that autumn is already over and winter has arrived. Not much time left until it's christmas already. So here we have the fitting layout for this time of the year! As always the layout didn't exactly turn out as I have imagined it. I had something very icy and wintery looking in mind with a lot of white and blue, but a quite christmasy and warm layout it is, with some pastel blue forced onto it. I have a love-hate relationship with this layout. The coding was a nightmare. I bet there would have been an easier way to code this, but it works, it's a centered div again and it's still pretty somehow.
ARW also has a favicon and a custom cursor now. And speaking of cursors: there is a new category for cursors on the pixel site now. I was looking for a cursor to use for ARW and realised that not many sites offer them. So I decided to make my own cursors and offer them here.
You probably also noticed the celebration graphic on the intro page. October 25th has been ARW's first birthday! I totally forgot about it because I had so much going on but I finally managed to create something to celebrate it.

Here's what else is new:
- 3 Cursors (6 items)
- 3 Icons
- New affiliate Perfect Duel

I hope you all have a great sunday!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Sunday, 13th December 2021 comment?

Jupiter planet power make up!
Or simply "hi everyone"! ARW has a new layout since autumn is around the corner (one of my favourite seasons). The anime Sailor Moon never seems to get old, so I went for that theme this time. I decided to go for Sailor Jupiter / Makoto for this layout because I think she doesn't get enough love. It's always Sailor Moon / Usagi and some other senshis who usually get the spotlight. I think Sailor Jupiter gets kinda lost because her color sceme is a little more on the natural side. I love her though.
Another important part about this layout is that it's a centered div. After some headaches and a lot of research I finally figured out how to code such a layout (I'm still a coding noob). The coding took me so long that it feels like this layout consists of 99% code and 1% graphical work.

Besides the new layout I also got some other new additions:

- 1 Sailor Moon pixel set (14 items)
- 1 Flower pixel set (5 items)

The flower pixels are just some pieces that I used for my previous layouts on ARW. I didn't want to let them rot on my harddrive so I thought I'll upload them here instead.

That's everything for today. I hope you like the new stuff and wish you all a magical weekend!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Saturday, 5th September 2021 comment?

Hi everyone,
I have another update for you today.

- 2 Layouts
- 2 Icons

The newest additions are at the bottom of each page as always. A while ago I also updated some texts on the site and joined the Lost Souls Exchange. The update might not seem much but I needed a really long time to create these graphics due to my perfectionism and work holding me back. Especially layouts take me a really long time to make. I hope someone likes them.
Besides that I have received both of my vaccinations now. I'm currently recovering from the second shot. The first one caused some pain in my arm and also made me feel a little sick but that already got better by the next day. After the second one I had the same side effects, they just started later and lasted longer. Many people that I know had a fever after the second shot. Luckily I didn't have that. What side effects did you have?

I hope you all have a great day!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Sunday, 15th August 2021 comment?

Hey everyone,
how you been? I have a little update for you today!

- 1 Layout (at the bottom of the page)
- 3 Images (on the last site)
- 4 Textures (at the bottom of the page)

I also have good news: I will receive my COVID vaccination on saturday. I will keep you updated wether I have any side effects or not.

I hope you all have a great week!

Sincerely, Ran
posted on Thursday, 15th July 2021 comment?

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